Flappy Bird Hints & Tips: Don't Cheat, Relax and Get a High Score!

Flappy Bird Hints & Tips: Don’t Cheat, Relax and Get a High Score!

Flappy Bird Hints & Tips: Don’t Cheat, Relax and Get a High Score!

Flappy Bird may be one of the most frustrating games you can play on your mobile device right now. If you have never played it, don’t start now. But for those of us who are already hooked, you will agree that this insanely irritating, difficult and frustrating game is VERY addictive. The graphics are boring and jerky but for some reason I cant put it down.

Flappy Bird HintsAnd I am not alone. It is currently the most popular free app on the iTunes and Android app stores right now. I have asked around and no one know why it is so dang hard. The concept is pretty basic. Press the screen to make the bird flap and remain in flight. You not only have to stay in the air but navigate through pipes and other barriers.

If you check the leaderboard, some people have been able to get into the billions. However most of my friends cant seem to get past 20! So we spent some time working through it and came up with our top 5 hints!

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1) Stay Nimble. Dont get tense or frsutrated. Tap lightly and move your fingers quickly. Short and fast movements are the secret sauce. You will fail regularly even when you don’t actually touch a pipe. This game is full of bugs and very annoying.

2) Take lots of breaks. This game at times can be painful. When you get mad, walk away. Dont break a perfectly good tablet or iPhone over it.

3) Chill out. It gets suprisingly easier if you clear your mind first. Calm down. Relax. Dont over think it and try to hard. Be like Luke Skywalker fighting with the blinder on – let the force guide you! Well maybe not the force…but the more relaxed you are, you will be surprised how much better you do.

4) Strip down. Not your clothes, your case! Get rid of the screen cover and case. This will maximize the sensitivity and increase your accuracy.

5) ONLY use a tablet or big screen. The small screen on a mobile device like the iPhone will only drive you crazy. In fact, your finger will take up lots of the surface area. Go big or go home.

These hints may seem pretty basic but they REALLY work. Just remember that you WILL get frustrated. Accept it. Life is confusing so why would this game be any different.

Article: Flappy Bird Hints & Tips: Don’t Cheat, Relax and Get a High Score!

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